Powering growth for innovative
African enterprises.

We are fundamentally changing how small businesses
access banking and financial services.


An Integrated Digital Platform for
Growing your Business on a Global Scale.

We help support business at every stage; built for

Who We Are

Glade's team is made up of seasoned professionals in banking, finance, product development and business management. We’re working hard to bring ease of doing business online, in one place.


Why choose us

Would you rather have different apps to satisfy your different needs? Do you prefer to handle your business with the least possible stress? Then we’re the perfect partner.


What we are creating

A well-defined Business Banking and Financial Services Company with a drive to offer top-notch solutions using state of the art infrastructures to enhance innovations and help small businesses in Africa to grow globally.



Simple products

We have straight-forward products
and processes supported by modern
Banking infrastructure.


Small business focused bank

We have built a new, small business focused digital bank that will help businesses in Africa achieve their potentials, and help economy grow.


Liyi Victor

Having worked over 10 years managing e-business solutions for global brands in banking, financial services and payment companies, Liyi branched out as a product manager and designer.

He has managed and developed different digital and payment solutions for over 15 tertiary institutions nationwide, as well as building a digital co-operative platform for the underbanked consumers in Nigeria.

When he’s not power biking or looking for an adrenaline rush, Liyi likes to hang out with his family and reading books.


Abubakar Sadiq Ango

Ango’s interest in computers developed when he was asked to provide an email address after travelling miles to send a message to PrimeTime Africa’s Kenny and D1 in 2001. Since then, he’s moved from Developer, to DevOps Engineer to Cloud Native engineer. Having been with Gitlab for over 4years, Ango also prides himself as a significant member of the digital developer community in Nigeria.

When he’s not exercising self-imposed indoors marathon,Ango enjoys watching Blacklist,obsessing over all things aviation and most recently, sound engineering (no, not music).

We’re backed by leading global investors and partners.

Glade is backed by one of the best tech accelerator, notable global investors and partners in the world..


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