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Questions related to Sign Up, Log in and verification.

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Full Name.


Phone Number.

Business Name (not required if an individual business).

Business Address.

A government-approved ID card (National ID card, Drivers License, Voters Card, National ID Card or International Passport).

Bank Verification Number (BVN).

Utility Bill (not required if an individual business).

TIN Number (not required if an individual business).

CAC document, if a registered business (not required if an individual business).

If you see movements that you do not recognize from your account, we suggest you perform the following steps as soon as possible:

Lock your Glade card from the web or app in the section where your card appears. When you click on the card, you will see the button that says "Freeze". Press it and your card will be locked instantly.

Change your password, by clicking on the settings section, click on password and the change to a new password.

Report the incident to our support team from the app or by sending an email to Our team of experts will review your case and will contact you to follow up.

To reset your password, navigate to on that page Click on ‘forgot your password’, you will get an email with a link asking you to reset your password, click on the link to reset your password.

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