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When you bank with Glade, the possibilities are endless for your business. The will get a superior banking experience for your business and other tools that will help you business to grow with us are business current bank account, transfer funds locally and internationally free, accept debit, payment, virtual, prepaid and expense cards, business loans, overdraft, payroll, tax payment and other integration tools build specifically for your business.

No. To get access overdrafts you need to have frequent monthly transactions and with no pending loan.

Yes. Glade account number allows your customers to send money to you from their preferred bank (internet or mobile banking platform) in Nigeria and from other countries.

Your Glade card can be locked and unlocked directly from your application, immediately. In case you cannot do the blocking, you can contact our support team from the app, or by sending an email to and we will help you to solve it.

By making monthly frequent business transactions.

Currently getting your Glade debit card is free of charge.

Of course, your Glade debit card is a card that works online, ATM and in-store POS around the world that accepts payment with this type of card.

No. The Glade card is given to you for free.

Yes, and not just that, you can calculate your monthly at any time.

By downloading the app or registering on the web, you immediately get access to banking services and virtual USD cards which you can use to make expenses purchases. Additionally, we will send you a physical debit card.

You can accept deposit into your Glade account from any bank transfer. This type of transfer is immediate and at no cost to you. O yes, no maintenance fee on the account.

You can transfer money into any bank account, mobile money or e-wallet at a very low rate, as long as you have balance in your Glade account, you can make the transfer at any time.

Yes. You can use the Transfer Fund featured on the dashboard for single and bulk transfer.

With your Glade physical debit card, you can withdraw cash from ATMs and POS throughout the country and in other countries.

If you have already received your card, activating it is very simple. Activate the card from the app or web and it will ready for immediate use.

If you need to change your PIN, it is very simple. Just access the Security section from the app and you will see the option to update it.

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